Words of Wisdom

Words are the building blocks of the communication of human society. With words, made from letters, you can form sentences, which in turn combine to form paragraphs. You can use these words to talk to people and communicate your ideas. There are a variety of words in the world that you can learn, and they come in many exotic languages like Spanish, Romanian, French, and Norwegian. One word can have an unlimited amount of possibilities . Hello could be iszdravstvuyte in Russian, Li-ho in Taiwanese, or tere in Estonian. Good-bye could be ciao in Italian, ha det bra in Norwegian, or joigin in Cantonese.

Each language or new word comes with a new culture from that country. This concept provides the world with a diversity that makes each culture contrast with another. For this reason, each person is unique and spectacular with their vast knowledge of languages and their use of words to express their emotions. There is one thing that doesn’t change according to the differing languages. These are the words of wisdom.

Words of wisdom are inspirational words that your parents may have told you, which their parents told them and their parents told them and on and on. They could be your philosophy or a mantra, any words or quotes that you live by. They could be words that make you happy and keeps you thinking in an optimistic way or they could be a quote that helps you make decisions. It could also be advice that you give to people that just keeping giving. These words of wisdom carry an importance and an influence. It doesn’t have to be on everyone’s life which makes these words influential, it can just be your own life and perspective.

Some words of wisdom I have heard before or find interesting:

– “Laughter is the best medicine.” Laughter+Medicine

Even when you’re feeling down, laughing and forgetting about your sadness for a while can impact your health and make you feel better about yourself. Laughing could be your own personal medicine to make you feel better.

– “Stars can’t shine without darkness.”

There are good and bad moments in life. Everyone is not perfect and just knowing that having your ups and downs are normal and when time comes you can be the North Star leading the way to freedom and happiness.

– “Don’t follow your dreams, chase them.”

When the opportunity doesn’t come to you, then you should go after it and pursue your dreams. Waiting in life will get you no where. Actually pursuing them can make all the difference.

Writing Life Story

– “When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”

It explains how you should let yourself control your own life and not let anyone else direct your own path.


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