Yupperdoodles, what’s UP?

Up Balloons

This quote is from the book, the Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas. It makes everyone think their own amusement park and how they are going through it to this present day. Their own, Disneyland or Six Flags, with all the different rides to go on, the variety of foods to eat, and the people to hang out with. There are many options to take and a different course of action for each possibility. It creates an illusion about life itself and how love can tie into the amusement park of life that you created.

There is so much joy that can be found in an amusement park. From the fun that you can have going on thrilling rides like a rollercoaster, ferris wheel, or a boat ride. It all depends on your outlook of the ride and how much you let yourself enjoy the bumpy turns and the sudden drops. There is also all the different and unhealthy food you can buy (even if they are overpriced). All the foods looking strange but delicious. You can have fun by trying new things and not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It also all helps if you have people you care about and can have fun with coming with you on this journey. It all ties up together into a rollercoaster.


“Adventure is out there.” – Ellie, Up

Life is a rollercoaster. There are the ups and the downs, the hard sharp turns, and the times when you don’t even know what is happening. You might be scared for the ride and afraid of even getting on and putting your foot forward. But once you get on you will never want to let go, knowing that after you had the butterflies in the stomach, it can be pretty fun and you don’t ever want to let go of the ride. It may even be good to scream once in a while and to hug the person next to you (don’t if it is a compete stranger, I won’t stop you if you do though). And love is a part of the obstacle of the ride, but once you get settled let your mind, heart, and soul be free to whatever adventure that waits for you out there.


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