It feels good to have someone to talk to. You can tell them your problems, your thoughts, and everything else that comes through your wacky mind. They don’t even have to give you any advice or respond to you at all. Sometimes all you want in the world is for someone to listen to you. Not in the whole “I’m looking at you, but I can’t hear a word you say” moment, but a person who pays attention to you as you talk, nodding along, and reacting to the story like a human being. Writing on this blog, Murp, has been this way for me. This is exactly what it means to me. No one has to listen to me drone on for endless hours talking about my problems because if they actually read my post, they actually do care about what I have to offer. And honestly, I like it.

If you ever met me before, but didn’t really talk to me. You think the only thing about me is that I am a shy, smart, and nice girl, but that’s not the only thing about me. Writing these blog posts helped express my true emotions and share a bunch of details I would never share with anyone else. I learned about some many different writing tips that help make your blog more memorable and interesting. From inserting links, using sentence variation, creating a fantastic beginning and end, and creating a story for the readers. I had many favorite blog posts that I wrote myself like Optimistic, Simply Spend Several Seconds Smiling Sweetly, and Yupperdoodles, what’s UP? Later in the future, my writing skills will be improved by all the different writing tips that I learned. Also, I learned how to edit a lot of pictures for my blog posts using PicMonkey.

Blog Reflection

If I were to change a thing about my blogging experience, I would probably be more interactive with the blogging community by posting more comments on other people’s blogs and maybe starting a day where I just post random stuff. I would never want to change my topic about animals and inspirational quotes though. My advice for next years bloggers is to write about what you are passionate about because if you do so, it won’t be like an assignment but a chance to get your ideas out into the global conversation. Also, you should never procrastinate and sometimes words come naturally to you, so try not to push too hard. My advice for my teacher is to continue doing the blog posts, enhance our writing skills by focusing on one aspect of it at a time, and to individually check up on us from time to time to give us meaningful advice.

The blogging community is a place that is worth sharing to anyone and everyone out there with a couple ideas and the fingers to type their words that will turn into their own magical creation. Don’t be afraid to express your opinions and just try it.


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