A Zillion Possibilites

Sometimes words have an unique way in capturing the true essence in life in ways that you can’t even describe it to someone else. It can help express your emotions for you and help you understand the deeper meaning in living itself while motivating you to quench your thirst for knowledge.
This is how I felt when I read this post about life compared to the animated movie, Up. I found it breathtaking to view life in a new perspective, in the way of a street with its different kind of variables and possibilities. Not to mention, it helps show that there is an adventure out there for all of us just waiting to be explored.

Toeses Are Roses


You think it’s the end. You lie on your bed. You’re staring at the dark, gloomy roof, searching for an answer to your life. You see no purpose. Where is my purpose? What is my purpose? No response. You wonder if anyone cares. You’re lost and confused. Tears start to stream. You feel as though you’ve lost everything. What is the use? She said life was made with endless possibilities, but you’re lying there with no emotion, no clue where these “possibilities” lie because you have no idea where to find it. It’s dark and gloomy.

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Yupperdoodles, what’s UP?

Up Balloons

This quote is from the book, the Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas. It makes everyone think their own amusement park and how they are going through it to this present day. Their own, Disneyland or Six Flags, with all the different rides to go on, the variety of foods to eat, and the people to hang out with. There are many options to take and a different course of action for each possibility. It creates an illusion about life itself and how love can tie into the amusement park of life that you created.

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