A Zillion Possibilites

Sometimes words have an unique way in capturing the true essence in life in ways that you can’t even describe it to someone else. It can help express your emotions for you and help you understand the deeper meaning in living itself while motivating you to quench your thirst for knowledge.
This is how I felt when I read this post about life compared to the animated movie, Up. I found it breathtaking to view life in a new perspective, in the way of a street with its different kind of variables and possibilities. Not to mention, it helps show that there is an adventure out there for all of us just waiting to be explored.

Toeses Are Roses


You think it’s the end. You lie on your bed. You’re staring at the dark, gloomy roof, searching for an answer to your life. You see no purpose. Where is my purpose? What is my purpose? No response. You wonder if anyone cares. You’re lost and confused. Tears start to stream. You feel as though you’ve lost everything. What is the use? She said life was made with endless possibilities, but you’re lying there with no emotion, no clue where these “possibilities” lie because you have no idea where to find it. It’s dark and gloomy.

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Words of Wisdom

Words are the building blocks of the communication of human society. With words, made from letters, you can form sentences, which in turn combine to form paragraphs. You can use these words to talk to people and communicate your ideas. There are a variety of words in the world that you can learn, and they come in many exotic languages like Spanish, Romanian, French, and Norwegian. One word can have an unlimited amount of possibilities . Hello could be iszdravstvuyte in Russian, Li-ho in Taiwanese, or tere in Estonian. Good-bye could be ciao in Italian, ha det bra in Norwegian, or joigin in Cantonese.

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Thought-Provoking Times


Imagine yourself on a cold, rainy day huddled up in the warm living room. You are laying on the sofa with your blanket wrapped around you. The heater is radiates a sense of warmth, and you can hear the pitter patter of the rain hitting the roof or windows. You have a mug of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows right beside you on the side table. The only thing that could make it more complete and perfect is an amazing, jaw-dropping book to read as you are cuddled up and warm. Then everything goes wrong. Well in the book…

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